French Contemporary Flair


Isabelle Gautier

 French Expressionist Contemporary Flair

Expressionist Artist

Bonjour, welcome to my online gallery. I am happy to see you here.

 I am an expressionist painter, working mostly with polymers. I like to create my own tools which include different materials, brushes, palette knives, plastic cards. I am always mixing polymers and exploring themes.

My favorite subject is nonobjective art, bright vibrant colors or neutral colors on large canvases, but  once in a while I also do landscapes, seascapes or flowers.      Right now, I am actually working on a tachism series. This is an exciting project! Check it out!

My home studio is in my basement where I am very lucky to have a lot of space and great natural light.

 Don't hesitate to CONTACT ME ,

All featured paintings are available to purchase.

If you live close by or you are traveling I would be happy to meet in my studio.

Here is a tip: If you want have a look at  my last 15 years resume you can "Click Here" or you can also browse the pages above. 
Looking forward to hearing form you your team members to visitors.